9 Types of Belts and styling ideas for men

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9 Types of Belts and styling ideas for men

A slight thing or accessory is enough to add glamour in your personality either it is a belt or a tie. There is no wide variety of men’s clothing except the shirt, T-shirt, jeans, and formal pants. In that case, man selects extra stuff like the belt to look attractive. The leather belts have an ability to develop your personality or ruin your personality. It is untroublesome to find leather belts for men. One can purchase belts for men online as well as from the market. There are a number of sites where you can buy leather belts for men. Here is the list of nine types of belts and styling ideas for men.

  1. Brown leather belt

This belt is suitable for all age groups. You can style brown leather belts with formal clothing. It gives you an alluring look. There are different styles of belts for men available in the market. Apart from that, some are with buckle and some without buckle. It is up to you which one you prefer.

  1. Braided leather belt

It is one of the best as well as popular belts for men

These leather belts for men are available in massive collections. The design of the belt is like braid. The braided designed belt with pin buckle gives you an elegant look. In addition to it, you can select a belt with casual clothes. 

  1. Distressed leather belt

Distressed leather is equally known as pull up leather. Most of the distressed belts have an elegant vintage look. It is an adjustable belt. You can adjust these leather belts according to your fitting. Combination of the distressed belt and leather shoes is unique as well as elegant. The excellentest part about these leather belts are stitched around the edges which give the strength.

  1. Feather edge belt

It is the top stitched leather belts. This type of belt has superior quality of leather which is long lasting. The edge of it is stitched with a superior quality feather. In addition, the buckle of feather edge leather belts is silver. If you wear this belt with formal clothes, it will definitely enhance your look. 

  1. Embossed Black leather belt

Black belts for men suit their style as well as personality. Black leather belts are evergreen. You can wear this belt with formal as well as with casual clothes. No belt can compare the look of the black leather belt. It is one of the best accessories for men. One can wear this belt at any event.

  1. Double stitched leather belt

This type of belt is inspired by the western designs. The stuff used in the manufacturing is original Italian calfskin leather. The single prong buckle adds the attractions to the buyers. You can select these double stitched leather belts with formal style and black leather shoes.

  1. Reversible belt

This type of belt has a twistable buckle. So, you can wear this from both sides. It is usually attainable in the black and brown color. If you have a reversible belt then you do not need to purchase the black or brown belt. It saves you money. Reversible leather belts give the elegant look with black loafers and shoes. 

  1. Beige belt

It symbolizes eternity. This is one of the ideal belts for men. It provides a royal look to your personality. You can make a combination of the beige belt with denim. It is superb for parties. If you want to purchase this belt online, you can.

  1. Casual belt

You can choose this belt with shorts and jeans. Woven casual belts reveal the sophisticated look of the man. It is available in different fabrics like leather belts. It is a comfortable belt for men. You can wear this belt on outings.


Different belts provide you with a unique look. A belt is the common accessory in men’s wardrobe. Leather belts are common but allow you the dashing look. A belt is the only accessory which is wear by all age groups. Moreover, if you want to give gift to someone then belt is also the good option. 


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