Why Regular Backlink Audit Is Important? 

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Why Regular Backlink Audit Is Important? 

The harsh truth is that cheap backlinks are not a part of your long-term business success. Bad links are toxic without any deception. They drive some better ranking and traffic but for short time. It is a temporary but risky solution that legitimate digital marketers must never consider.

A few questionable backlinks are not generally damaging but if the smart search bots identify poor backlink patterns then you can encounter serious consequences. You may not actively participate in building cheap links using negative SEO but there can be untrustworthy link buildup in your backlink profile….Google hates it!

To keep your backlink profile clean and reduce the chance of getting penalized hire professional backlink profile monitoring services like Linkascope. They offer a comprehensive SEO monitoring solution including backlink audits that can ease website owner’s life.

What is a backlink audit?

In simple terms, it is a process to check backlinks on your website and eliminate the bad ones. Disavowing the toxic or irrelevant incoming links allows to maintain SEO performance. With a spotless backlink profile, you gain peace of mind from not getting penalized.

BusyFox backlinks building services are reliable as they are committed to white hat SEO practices. The professionals can offer valuable strategies for effective online business development and digital marketing without the concerns of costly errors down the road.

Why regular backlink audit is important?

High-quality backlinks enhance the online visibility of your brand. Low-quality backlinks can push your brand away from receiving top ranking on SERPs. Keeping a spotless backlink profile helps to avoid the downsides of negative SEO. The backlink audit process is crucial because it will help to –

  • Outrank competitors – Links matter…..but it doesn’t matter good or bad. Google ignored the link quality, so marketers took advantage of it. Today, Google has grown smart and is focused on offering the best user experience. Link quality and relevance matter. If your site receives poor quality backlinks then it cannot outrank top competitors. Backlink audits help to disavow the bad, irrelevant links that can bring down your search ranking. Cleaning poor backlinks allow outranking competitors and stay ahead.
  • Prevents penalty – Google penalizes websites getting a lot of irrelevant and toxic links from spammy sites. Regular backup audits help to maintain a clean backlink profile and avoid losing quality traffic because of the Google penalty.
  • Lose traffic & sales – The moment you see a significant traffic decline on Google Analytics you know you got hit by a Google penalty. You need to address this bad link situation instantly because the traffic from spammy websites will keep coming back. If you ignore backlink audits and fixes you can lose prospects that could transform into buyers.

Cleaning backlinks is just like house cleaning. Rather than allowing the clutter to accumulate and increase the headache of fixing, do some regular maintenance. You can even consider hiring professionals. Bleen is an online Australian business directory, which will help to connect with a local SEO agency. Get familiar with the offered SEO services in details to see if it fulfills your business needs.

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