Can CBD Oil Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

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Can CBD Oil Treat Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile Dysfunction or ED affects men of every age. It can be due to psychological, physiological, or both. Elderly people over 50 who are obese and have heart problems are at great risk of developing ED. They get treated with prescribed drugs or psychotherapy. Research as reported that CBD or cannabidiol has the potential to enhance sex drive, which can be less painful and more satisfying for the couples.

What is ED?

It involves the inability for getting and maintaining an erection. It can have a psychological toll on the person and they lose their confidence. Their sex life sucks. ED is also an indication that something is wrong like nerve damage or clogged blood vessels. Therefore visit a doctor and discuss this without any hesitation.

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Why CBD oil for ED treatment?

CBD is a cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant, which has non-psychoactive effects. There is another cannabinoid called THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is classified under controlled substance as it induces the stoned effect.

The hemp plant is a variety of cannabis that has an extremely low THC level but is high in CBD. You can even get CBD from marijuana plants but there will be traces of THC. CBD oil derived from industrial hemp is legalized at the state level for medicinal and recreational use.

Cannabinoids work with your body’s endocannabinoid system. ECS is responsible for regulating the function of the nervous system and brain. ECS receptors also play a role in male fertility. There is a lot of research that CBD helps in reducing anxiety attacks. Anxiety contributes to erectile dysfunction, so CBD oil has the potential to treat this condition. It doesn’t matter if it is CBD isolate or full or broad-spectrum. CBD is a cannabis plant’s significant compound, so cannabis itself can play a huge role in reducing ED symptoms.

Obesity also causes ED, which can be treated using CBD paired with THCV, which suppresses your appetite. The combination of CBD and THCV can indirectly help guys with weight loss and ED. Choose a broad-spectrum product as it contains both the useful cannabinoids. Read the labels to get familiar with the cannabinoids concentration rate. Besides, the chosen product has to be lab-verified for purity and ingredients.

Diabetic patients can lower their body mass index using CBD. BMI management plays a role in supporting healthy sex performance in men. However, there is still ongoing research on how CBD can help diabetic people to decrease their BMI.

What do experts say?

  • Many people experience feeling adventurous and spontaneous, after using CBD. It increases touch sensitivity and willingness to get more sensuous and engaged. This in turn improves sexual pleasure and intensifies orgasm abilities.
  • It is wise to try cannabis rather than Viagra, which induces side effects. Cannabis if dosed properly can relax and make sex life easy and workable.

Research has even indicated that overdoe of cannabis can cause ED even if it enhances sexual desire. The mantra here is ‘Moderation is the key’.

There is still a need for more research on how CBD can support ED. However, CBD can help to enhance metabolism and mood that can help to lessen the ED symptoms.



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