Perfection in the Right Taking Care of the Playground

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Perfection in the Right Taking Care of the Playground

We had a longer winter than usual. Spring has arrived timidly. We cannot wait to play outside and the kids too. Whether your playground is 1 year, 5 years or 10 years old, the fact remains that an inspection is required. Safety Standard Section requires the owner to maintain an up-to-date maintenance log.

Here are some tips for starting the long-awaited summer season:

Visual Inspection: Following winter and spring, natural features such as wind and snow melt may have left contaminants such as branches, rocks and other objects in the play area. For the right 먹튀검증 this is important now.

Damping surface: Check the level of damping surface; the rule suggests 300 mm (12 “) of bulk cushioning material (cedar fiber, washed and screened sand, chippings). Whatever the type of material you’re playing area is composed of, over time, it is normal for the material used to run out. It is therefore important to check this step, which will ensure a good shock absorption capacity.

To calculate the required missing quantity:

To simplify calculations, our equipment has a “zero level” label that clearly and quickly indicates whether there is a lack or not.

  • The general strength of the module. Nobody wants it but at the same time no one is completely safe from vandalism; the bête noire of public places. To ensure the strength of the game do not be afraid to “shake” each component to check stability and robustness. Also check all bolts that they have not loosened tighten if necessary.
  • It, which serves as attachments to certain parts, must be securely closed: Canadian safety standards require the opening to be less than 1mm to prevent clashes. Most often, we find to attach the swing seats to the chains.
  • For more safety and less hassle, it is advisable to use safety shackles anti vandal or mesh patent.
  • Playground borders, they are put in place to retain the damping surface.

Most often, they are made of wood or polyethylene:

Wooden ones require maintenance and over time they can rot due to contact with oxygen.

Those made of polyethylene are virtually maintenance free. Their anchor rods can come out of their place due to soil types as well as freezing and thawing, just replant them with a small mass.

Specialized in the maintenance of large playgrounds (artificial turf, natural grass and stabilized ground) but also golf courses, multisport fields, athletics tracks, tennis courts, equestrian floors , hiking trails and fitness trails.

Advice, diagnosis, expertise to maintain your sports fields

Combining proven techniques with a precise knowledge of local environments, soils, fauna, flora, climate with the most advanced technical processes, Sport Mediterranean Maintenance knows how to respond to the requirements and specificities of each sports field to guarantee the longevity of the infrastructures and the quality floors to allow a game always irreproachable.

Personalized support and tailor-made services to carry out your renovation work

Our teams are involved in the maintenance of your sports field according to your own needs, whether in maintenance (turf monitoring – disease detection -, fertilization, mowing, passive brushing, depollution, surface cleaning) or regeneration (unpacking, relining, defueling, scarification, aeration).

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