What is Grout and Stone Sealing?

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What is Grout and Stone Sealing?

Irrespective of the size of your home in Houston area, cleaning can be daily work. The good news is, Texas Floor restoration service is here to save you the hassles of cleaning.

We use a propelled sealant formula that repulses water and different fluids, which means cleaning your natural stone, tile, and grout will be easier anytime any day.


Q: What types of surfaces can be sealed?

A: Our team of specialists are available to seal a wide range of surfaces and materials. Our stone fixing skill stretches out to every single diverse kind of regular and artificial stones, including rock, marble, limestone, and travertine. We can also seal tile and grout anyplace in your home, from tile floors in the washroom to tile backsplashes in the kitchen.

Q: Should my surfaces be restored before being sealed?

A: Although it’s not necessarily important that your natural stone and tile surfaces be restored before sealing, we highly recommend restoring any surfaces that are discolored, scratched, etched, or damaged before we apply our top quality effective sealer so your surfaces will look attractive for many years to come. We provide restoration services that can correct a wide range of problems including discoloration, etching, scratch marks, chips, and stains.

Q: How much does it cost and how long does it take?

A: The cost and length of your sealing project will depend on a number of different factors, including the type of material and surface area being sealed and whether the surface(s) need to be restored before sealing. We can provide you with a free detailed quote. Simply fill out our online form or give us a call to see how much it will cost you and the time of completion.

Our Process

Here at Texas floor restoration, we are professionals in the game, that’s why we beat the competition any day anytime. When you get in touch with us for interior sealing, you can expect the following regardless of the type of material we’re sealing or the surface area being treated.

The surfaces are first deep-cleaned using advanced penetrating cleaners that emulsify dirt and other contaminates that have accumulated over time. The surfaces are steam cleaned to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants.

The surfaces are treated with our designer sealant formula that bonds with the material to form an invisible barrier that repels water and other liquids.

For more explanation, contact Texas floor restoration today!

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